A New Best Run

Today I ran over 12k it seems, and it felt great! I’m so happy, and yes, I’m proud of myself.

I had only managed to run twice for 30min this week, and I really wanted to do more. I’m in Salzburg with family right now, where I can run along the Salzach river forever (or, maybe one day, run up the mountains forever). Out I went in the morning, into the drizzling rain. My goal was to be out there for around 30min, and to see where my feet took me. After 30min, I felt like I had just started, so I went a little further. And then I thought: well, why not run back over a hill, past my dad’s place. This way I’d add a little incline and thus a little bit of a challenge. It was so worth it! I had a lot of energy, and I felt so good about myself. Another big plus: nothing hurts. I didn’t overdo it. Knees and feet still alive and well. Yay for progress!

Details on Runkeeper.

Biking Home For The First Time

Biking home for the first time was the best decision of the day. I had spent a few hours at the Veganmania (vegan street fair), meeting up with my brother and a few dear friends. Getting home is usually a mix of biking and train, as I live at the south end of town. This time though, the weather was gorgeous, and I wanted to check out if one could get there without being on big roads much.

And heck, what a treat! My way led me through Wienerberg, a big hilly recreational area. I had never been there, and boy, it is gorgeous! The rest of the way led along the Liesing stream, which was also nice.

Now I’m wondering how to go this way more often. It is all a matter of finding the time…

Women Using Toilets, a Rant/Request

There’s a whole range of discussions about whether men should lift the toilet seat up and put it down after peeing, or whether they should be allowed to urinate while standing altogether. Whatever side of the argument you are on, I guess many people agree that either you sit,or you stand and lift the seat up. (Putting it down afterwards is a different story.)

And here’s the thing: why don’t most women follow these basic rules? Shouldn’t women be required to do the same? Public toilet seats are often filthy. So many women squat to pee. The result is: pee on the seat (why??? clean up after yourself for heavens sake!) and even more filthy toilet seats. I, for one, don’t like to sit on pee. And no, I don’t like to clean up your pee either.

So, without further ado:


Thank you.