6k Race in the Box!

I did a 6k race today, together with half of my team from work. Participation was sponsored by our organization, even. We participated in the Perchtoldsdorfer Zentrumslauf, many of my colleagues’ kids did the kids runs. In the main race, we made up 5/9 of the female participants (a total of 9 🙂 ).

Back to me 🙂 I am happy with the result. No, I didn’t feel super fit, and no, I shouldn’t have eaten so many kale chips beforehand. But I ran faster than I usually do, and I reached my limits breath-wise. I did the 6km in 0:38:59 (see race results). And it was great to team up with Nicola all the way. Good to have a running buddy.

Oh, and I biked to and from the event – about 35km – with strong headwind. I’m proud of myself!

Step by step towards fitness.

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