Kale! A Rarity in Vienna

I am so happy right now. I found kale. Organic kale even! This is not an easy feat. So far, I’ve only seen it two places, one of which doesn’t have it this year. And fresh kale is only to be found in autumn – which, I guess, makes sense.

In any case, I found kale and I bought heaps of it. I have my dehydrator in Vienna now (thanks to my brother Michael who took it with him from my parents’ place). I got it over 12 years ago and haven’t used for at least a decade. Now the time is right for my first kale chips experiment!

Here’s the dressing that I came up with:

  • 3 stalks of celery
  • a mix of chia seeds and hemp seeds, maybe a cup total. soaked over night.
  • juice of 2 limes (or lemons?, not sure). one less than pictured
  • 2 medjoul dates
  • quite a bit of dried oregano and thyme (not pictured)

I’m astonished that the idea in my head turned out to be good in reality! I didn’t change much from the original idea, except that I only used two limes and added thyme.

Then I removed the kale stems, ripped the leaves into small pieces, and massaged the blended dressing into it. I spread the massaged kale onto the dehydrator trays. Voilà!

I felt like eating half of the kale “salad” right away. But then I I didn’t. After all, I still have white sapotes that need eating 🙂

Let’s see how the chips turn out. I’m excited!

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