I’m Going Nuts! About Cravings

I don’t usually eat nuts, but recently I did. I bought some (I’m sure not raw) Brazil nuts about a week ago. And I ate hazelnuts at work over the last week. Raw hazelnuts, brought in by a kid (from their garden), cracked open by the kids. I have mixed results. It does feel heavier in the belly, and I have more gas (though still not stinky at all) because of suboptimal food combining. But I also feel more satiated. With e.g. bananas, I can eat until my stomach is completely full (I’m talking 15+ bananas), and still feel like I want something else.

Also, I pass restaurants when I bike home, and I do sense cravings coming up (“what if I could have a pizza”, “ah, that rice smell is nice”). I don’t WANT to eat the food, because I know how I feel afterwards, but I want to have it in my mouth. Maybe chew it and spit it out or something 😉 But now, after eating nuts this week, I had no cravings whatsoever. None. No part of me wanted to go into a restaurant or buy bread at a bakery. Maybe it isn’t correlated with the nuts at all, I just don’t think I’ve made many other diet changes recently… But who knows.

Interesting nevertheless, don’t you think?

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