… is when I started writing my morning pages today. A little early, I know. My head was full of thoughts and refused to sleep any longer, so… what can you do. Last entry in my first journal! It is all filled up with personal ramblings. On I go to journal no. 2.

Monday Gratitudes

I am grateful for Dedication. This excitement about new things to happen Push-ups. I’m told I can get from 0 to 3 push-ups in a week. Let’s find out if it is true! Children with “difficult behaviors” that show you their true selves when you just hold them for a bit.


I just found out I am likely to be a multipotentialite. After a week full of self-doubts, also wondering what I really want to do with my life, and if my current choices are what I want, this helped me. It is OK to have many interests!