The Drunk Illusion

This morning I woke up thinking about the implications of blending VR/AR/AI with the reality as we know it. Think, for example, about getting drunk. Could a VR/AI create the illusion of being drunk? Granted, I am not the most proficient in this topic, since I’ve never been drunk. But I have heard many people say that without drinking x amount of alcohol, they aren’t able to do certain things, like dance, or socialize.

Imagine attending an AR party, and you felt shy about talking to someone. Imagine you could blend your own appearance with an AI that did the first talking for you, until you felt comfortable to take over. Or, what about overrating your dance skills when you’re drunk? Your AR representation could just improve your dance movements for you ever so slightly. You could even choose to make everyone there look a little better, be a little funnier or be more interesting in some other way.

I mean, if we remember reality in different ways now, how significant is it if the experience is completely different in the first place? How could we ever have an argument about who is right? But I digress… I’d love to see AR decrease the need to drink alcohol.

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