Above the Clouds

One thing that I’ve had on my bucket list for a while is to hike up to the top of Werfener Hochthron. It is the rightmost peak of the Tennengebirge mountain range, as seen from my childhood home in Werfen/Salzburg. I’ve spent hours a a kid sitting on the warm radiator and looking out the window, looking at the mountains outside.

I knew it’s not the easiest hike. One way to get there goes past Werfener Hütte (my favorite hut), past a 30m ladder along the rock, and then up a quite exposed unsecured route (that I thought would be a via ferrata, but wasn’t).

Dad and I went up there today. 🙂 🙂 The weather forecast said it would rain in the morning, and maybe later in the day too. We left around 10:30 I think and reached the hut a little after noon. We took a break there there, hoping that the fog would lift. It didn’t. But it seemed brighter outside, so we continued our hike up the ladder and onto the high plateau. From there, we thought, we’d always be able to get back down. Up on the high plateau the fog did lift a little, so we decided to try our luck at reaching the Hochthron peak. And we did. The climb to the top was more exposed than expected, but we made it safely. It was beautiful!! And I am super happy.

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