Cherry-Picking Fun DNA Facts

I’m reading my DNA report at and 23andMe, and it’s fun! Here are some surprising facts:

Sprinter Gene

Better performing muscles. Likely sprinter. This genotype indicates better performing muscles, particularly for sprinting and power sports. Fast-twitch muscle fibers are able to produce alpha-actinin-3. Professional sprinters usually have this, although it is less common for endurance athletes.

Night Owl

rare genotype associated with longer sleep duration


Placebo for the win!

advantage in memory and attention tasks You are more difficult to hypnotise. Placebo is more effective

There I was thinking I was an early bird and a bad sprinter… But the placebo effect is already working and imagine being someone who gets up late and sprints đŸ˜‰ No, actually… I’m sticking with my 5am morning routine for now. Onwards!

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