30 Days of Morning Meditation

Done! It’s September 30th. I am a little proud of myself that I really did make it: I meditated every single morning at 6am sharp, and shared it online via Zoom. (Ok, due to connection issues I was 3min late on two days or so…)

What I learned:

  • It helped to create a strong meditation habit and a more formalized practice. No excuses were made (not even when traveling).
  • It helped me a great deal to be more mindful and loving throughout the day.
  • It’s the first time that I included a regular (although brief) Metta practice, and it’s been helpful.
  • Most of the meditations I did by myself. Which is totally fine.
  • The 3 people that did try it out were friends that I know in person.
  • Which makes me wonder: are such shared online meditations potentially good at strengthening and already-strong real-life meditation group, but not so good at bringing new people together?

I don’t know…

I decided to keep going and see if I can motivate more people to join. I also decided to limit this shared practice to weekdays and give myself the theoretical option of sleeping in someday 😉

More info at: manooh.com/blog/meditation/morning-meditations/

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