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I haven’t always been well lately, and it’s been a struggle to get out of bed a lot of days. What I learned, though, is that was in nature make things better, even if it’s hard to get out of bed, and hard to walk.

This weekend I pushed myself and went for two hikes. On the second hike, I needed to talk myself through the whole walk up. But I made it, and it was worth it!! I treated myself to a night at the hut, and I got to see sunset and sunrise. What a calm and healing experience!

Thursday hike: from home (Imlau) to Ostpreußenhütte, 8km and a little over 1000m of altitude difference.

Friday/Saturday hike: from Wengerau to Werfenerhütte, almost 1000m altitude difference and 5km walk. Staying overnight, then back down all the way to Imlau, 10km and almost 1500m altitude difference.

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