Morning Meditations

In order to support regular daily practice in the midst of our busy lives, I host morning meditations, shared via video conferencing software.

Currently, shared online meditations  happen:

  • Mondays at 7am CET
  • Tuesdays at 6am CET

Dates without online Meditations (because I am on retreat):

  • December 26 – January 6
  • January 31 – February 9

You can have all dates in one place with this Google Calendar.
Feel free to request other days/times! Just let me know.

To join, visit the following link:

The Technical Part

This virtual meditation is accessible via Zoom, which can be downloaded onto a computer, tablet or smart phone. Zoom will then ask to be installed. Installation should be simple enough.

Here are some pointers about navigating the app:

  • If you use video, please angle your camera/phone or tablet so that it faces either some part of your body or something suitable (a Buddha figure, a symbol, a candle, …). There is no need to have the camera pointed toward your face.
  • Make sure you enable device audio when asked if you want to hear me and the start/end bell.
  • Please leave yourself muted during meditation, to keep noise levels low.
  • There are two options for viewing. Either focusing on the speaker or grid mode. Given that no one will be speaking (except for the Metta practice), it is best to set your interface for grid mode. This is handled differently on different devices. For instance, on a computer or tablet, tapping on the window will offer a grid button. On a phone, swiping to the right should bring up options.
  • It may be wise to play around with the app prior to the actual sit to familiarize yourself with the settings — although some options may not be available without others also online.
Portland Zen Buddhism

The Sitting

I’ll be online a little before starting time, so I can say hello πŸ™‚ The meditation will start on time, with a bell, and will end with a bell after 30 minutes. This is a silent meditation, so there won’t be any guidance. If you want more guidance check out the free InsightTimer meditation app. You could listen to one of the meditations there while sitting with us.

If you keep your microphone muted, feel free to come in at any time and leave at any time. What is most important is that we support each other in increasing our practice to some extent before beginning our day.

For more information, have a look at the Zoom FAQ. Or contact me.

I’m looking forward to sharing meditations with you!